Your SEO Strategy Needs A Strong Focus

By | September 25, 2016


SEO (the acronym for search engine optimization) is more than just making sure you have strong keywords on your site. There isn’t just one method that can be applied across the board either. Whatever your site and its purpose is will require a very specific SEO strategy in order for it to reach the top of the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, a lot of website owners just apply the most rudimentary and generalized SEO practices, as if that’s all it takes. You really have to consider the bigger picture and your end goal!

If you want to create a highly focused and efficient SEO strategy, try the following:

1 – Define Your Website’s Purpose


There’s no room for ambiguity when it comes to what you want to achieve with your website. You also need to know exactly what will be featured there in order to facilitate that purpose. How are you going to go about it, and what sort of content are you going to feature? Everything about your site needs to have an original slant, otherwise what do you even have to offer anyone?

Whether you’re selling items, promoting your business, or hoping aboard the blogging and entertainment train, it’s important that you keep laser focused on exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish with the website. You have to know how you want it to look, what people are going to get out of it, how they’re going to interact with it, and what’s going to keep them coming back. Your SEO strategy will depend largely upon being wholly intimate with all of these details.

2 – Generate Content That Fits That Keeps Your Audience Around


As you might imagine, content is king when it comes to having a quality website. A visitor will have their first impression within seconds of viewing your website. If it isn’t laid out in an easy to digest manner, quick and responsive, and full of intriguing content that can pull your audience in, they’ll likely click away and never bothering to come back.

Search engines like Google also track how long people are sticking around when it comes to how high they rank a site. Just look at the highest listings on a site like Alexa; every successful website is keeping people there for a fairly long time once they visit. That first impression and having people stay and even visit again is integral to proving that your website is worthy of a high ranking on Google and other search engines.

3 – Select The Right Keywords


Finally, the keywords that you focus on for your site must fill a particular niche that isn’t already going to be overly populated. ESPN has sports scores held down pretty tight, so why compete with them? Pick whichever keywords are appropriate for your content while still being somewhat unique. Finding the right balance is difficult, so working with a SEO specialist may be the way to go if you need help.

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